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Peak, other agencies join forces to seek leads

NOV 16, 2015 by Sarah Einselen News editor  Pharos-TribuneThe workshop affiliated with Peak Community Services has joined other regional workshops to form a partnership intended to generate more work for the workshops’ clients. Peak Community Services serves mentally or developmentally disabled clients, some of whom are employed at the agency’s workshop, PCS Industries. PCS Industries has partnered with three other workshops affiliated with developmental disability service agencies in hopes that together they’ll attract more interest from manufacturers needing extra work done. Crossroads Industrial Services out of Indianapolis, Rauch Industries out of New Albany and Stone Belt Manufacturing Services out of Bloomington are the other three workshops in the partnership, which has been named EMD Partners. Together, the partnership comprises nearly 500 employees and over 180,000 total square feet of production space, according to a press release from PCS Industries. “Hopefully, by joining forces we can get a little more work,” said Greg Packard, spokesman for Peak Community Services. The partnership won’t trigger any other changes at the workshop, he said, and the workshop will remain independently run. Currently four local businesses supply the bulk of the jobs that Peak clients carry out at PCS Industries: Cal-Comp Electronics, Myers Spring, Kent Feeds and Baker Specialty. PCS Industries also sends a crew to work at MW Industries, known locally as Matthew-Warren. [Read More]

Retirement Party for Don Weikle

NOV 05, 2015

Please join us November 5 from 4-6 at The People's Winery to wish Don a happy retirement. [Read More]
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